AFFECTED: The Asylum takes everything that made AFFECTED: The Manor an enthralling, immersive experience and adds brand new Game Modes, Interaction Mechanics and story-driven content all experienced by up to four players. The Asylum will push you to your limits as you attempt to survive the night with your sanity intact! A Social Horror Experience Like No Other!



AFFECTED: The Manor is available to purchase on the following platforms

What Our Players Are Saying!

A must have for Quest. Great to show friends


This app is scary but so much fun. The graphics are phenomenal.


Very nice horror experience for the Quest. Had all my family scared as hell.


Great scares, really creepy with proper jump out of your skin scares. Haunted house experience no guns, no puzzles but hella spooky.


I keep playing it and STILL jump! Wife tried it for about a minute, said it was too intense! Would love to see more from these developers!


This is my go to for horror experiences. One of my favorites of all time. If you have not tried this then do yourself a favor and get it today. You won’t regret it.


Very eerie atmosphere from the start. Seriously enjoying this. Appreciate all the little details and from the cheap scares to the serious scares! Every horror fan’s dream.


This is fantastic for anyone looking for a good horror game for VR. The graphics are fantastic, the jump scares are horrifying, and even when you’re just exploring, the game has a really creepy vibe to it!


The new update gives the game an unexpectedly fun mini-game addition, and the improved graphics of the original experience really round the game out. One of my most-played titles


A must buy for any Horror fan who owns an Oculus Quest!

VR Focus


Check to see if there is anything new lurking around the corner!

The Darkness Update!

October 2020

Brand-new for Quest & Quest 2 is the DARKNESS UPDATE. This new addition takes the horror one stage further as your vision is restricted to only the light from the candle you hold; what hides in the shadows could be your downfall.

Gauntlet Update!

July 2020

Race against the clock in our latest Manor Update! This speed run will have you running for your life! With our scream 0 meter giving you your rank, will you be a ninja or a wimp!

The Big Interactive Update

December 2019

It’s that time of year to get your chills; but it’s not only cold outside. Revisit The Manor now to see what new horrors lie in wait!


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